VIDEO FOR THE LIPSTICK ELITE (luxury elite + skeleton lipstick) song “DANGEROUS LOVE II!”


The black kids face!

LIPSTICK ELITE (the collaboration between Skeleton Lipstick and Luxury Elite) will be out SEPTEMBER 16th digitally by Stratford Court and also on limited edition cassette tape by SunUp Records!

It is a sultry niquill induced dream of old mix tapes made for lovers whose names you’ve long since forgotten. Here’s a song

New video by me! Skeleton Lipstick! for my friend HAWAII94’s “Fresh Blood”  Check out his music!  Its brilliant!

Halloween in the Summer, I decided to make a video for my contribution to CHILLMEGACHILL’s october “Chiller III” comp

You can get this song plus many other scare-tacular tracks at the like to the comp below