Coming soon, LIPSTICK ELITE, the SKELETON LIPSTICK and LUXURY ELITE collaboration is coming out soon on CHAMELEON TAPES!  Check the promo!  THE TEST TAPES ARE BEING PRINTED AS I TYPE!

New collaborative album between SKELETON LIPSTICK and LUXURY ELITE called “LIPSTICK ELITE” coming out on CHAMELEON TAPES soon.  All songs are recorded, we’re just waiting on our art director to finish the cover for the limited edition Cassette.  Stay passionate, be discrete


Skeleton Lipstick - Glows Then Melts

From the poster of Dario Argento’s 1980 horror film Inferno


So happy so many people have enjoyed the skeleton lipstick/ luxury elite collaboration! Only a few free downloads left for this song! Get it now!

LIPSTICK ELITE! Collaboration between SKELETON LIPSTICK and LUXURY ELITE.  Think Style Council meets Neon Indian (?)